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Sell Your Home in Days We can present a cash offer for your home within 24 hours of your request. By the end of our meeting you will know how much cash you will have in your pocket in just a few short days. 

Sell For Up To 100% of Your Home's Value Unlike the majority of quick home sale companies, we do not require you to accept a huge discount (typically 30% or 40%). 

Our Service is 100% Free There is no charge for our services if you accept our cash offer. We want to provide a solution that works for you. 

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Here's What Others Are Saying

Rena Didn’t Think She Could Sell Her House “AS-IS”

Rena, had been making mortgage payments on a property she didn’t live in for 3 years because she didn’t think she could sell it in the condition it was in. She was very surprise to find out how easy the process was and even received extra money to her trip to Boston!

Samuel Sold His Property To Us Because Of Our Service And Flexibility!

Samuel owned two properties, and he didn’t want to have the hassle of maintaining a second home or paying two property taxes. He decided to sell to us because he liked the service we provided and how flexible we were to his demands!

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"Max gave me $25,000 more than I expected for my home. Other real estate agents said the best I could get was $240,000. Well I got $265,000. So there!"

Lynn in Scottsdale

"I was tired of being upside down on my home. When I saw on the news that the market was going up, I was ready to test the market. I was able to get $3000 MORE than what I thought I could get. Now I'm putting $15,000 in my pocket so I can move on with my life."

Doug in Glendale